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Got an idea that keeps you up at night, the one that whispers “impossible” but your gut screams “inevitable”? We’re the megaphone for that whisper, the amplifier for your audacity. This is where audacious founders, disruptive students, and visionary leaders collide with the fuel they need to blast their dreams into orbit.


Blast off from Idea Station: We provide the launchpad, mentorship, and resources to transform your napkin sketches into concrete plans. No more lone wolf struggles - collaborate with brilliant minds and refine your vision.


Grow Beyond the Incubator: We're not about cramming you in a box. Our thriving community is your fertile ground for knowledge sharing, skill development, and constant growth. Workshops, mentorship, and peer support - bloom into a force to be reckoned with.


Hit Warp Speed with Tailored Programs: Forget one-size-fits-all. We tailor programs and resources to your unique trajectory. Seed-stage? We'll catapult you towards a scalable MVP. Growth stage? We'll equip you for exponential expansion.


Fuel Your Flight with Strategic Funding: We open the doors to the financial resources you need to break through every barrier. Our ecosystem connects you with investors who share your vision, ensuring your impactful innovations take flight.

Seed your vision, watch it soar - join our tribe, build empires from ideas

We are about fostering a community where your ideas can shoot up and stand tall.
About Us

Krystal Ventures Studio's Bambus Innovista program identifies and cultivates promising early-stage technologies. Through our intensive incubator program, we empower startups to transform their concepts into commercially viable prototypes, accelerating their path to market success.

Our Vision

Leading Global Innovation, Bambus fosters a boundless ecosystem where audacious minds converge and revolutionary technologies take root, redefining the frontiers of human potential.

Our Mission

Shaping a future driven by transformative technologies, nurtured from the ground up. Bambus Innovista acts as a catalyst, propelling early-stage ventures through a collaborative ecosystem. We bridge the gap between research and realization, fostering seamless integration across development, commercialization, and global expansion.


Ecosystem Structure

Our ecosystem is the converging point of technology, visionaries, and investment. At this intersection, each player has a vital role, ensuring the seamless transformation of ideas into impactful innovations.

TBI (Technology Business Incubator)

Forms the bedrock of support, offering crucial resources like grants, expert guidance, and cutting-edge infrastructure. From securing funding to navigating government policies, TBI empowers startups with the foundation they need.


Works as the catalyst, meticulously evaluating and incubating ideas. From strategic advice to hands-on support, we guide startups through every stage, managing portfolios and transforming concepts into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).


Become the fuel, providing startups with access to vital capital and fostering strategic partnerships. Through investment, they propel innovations into the global market, ensuring a pathway to success.

Sectors We Transform

Our commitment to transformation spans across a spectrum of industries, each sector representing a canvas for groundbreaking ideas to flourish.

Tech and Innovation

Deep Tech (AI/ML, Blockchain, Web3/Metaverse)
Robotics, Drones & IoT
Quantum Computing, Edge Computing

Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Media & Entertainment Tech (Streaming, Sports)|

Health and Life Sciences


Security and Defense


Bambus Innovista Programs

Founder Module: Unleashing Innovation in 12 Weeks

Embark on a transformative 12-week journey tailored for visionary entrepreneurs. Crafted by Bambus Innovista, this immersive experience equips founders with essential tools, insights, and networks, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the startup journey.

Foundational Knowledge

Week 1

Being A Founder

Week 2

Build MVP

Week 3

Business Model

Week 4

Ideal Customer Profile

Week 5

Research & Validation

Week 6

Metrics & TAM

Week 7

Iterating on MVP

Week 8

User Feedback

Week 9

Competitive Matrix

Week 10

Building a Team

Week 11

Financial & Acceleration

Week 12

MVP Program: Launching Success in 24 Weeks

A comprehensive 24-week initiative by Bambus Innovista. Tailored for startups aiming to turn their ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), this program offers an extended journey of mentorship, resources, and strategic support.

Pitching session

2 min pitch + 2 minQ&A

Grant + Equity

for startups for MVP

MVP preparation

Student’s Internship



Super Incubator Program: Turbocharging Your Startup in 12 Weeks

A high-impact, 12-week initiative designed by Bambus Innovista to accelerate the growth of startups. This intensive program is tailored for entrepreneurs seeking rapid development, providing a focused blend of mentorship, resources, and strategic guidance.


GTM, Traction, Paid Pilot, Early Revenue

Investor Readiness

Pitch Deck Financial modeling

Demo Day

Presentation Investments

Portfolio Support

Periodic review Next round of funding plans

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